Setting Up An Offshore Company – the GWS Group

The GWS Group with its highly professional business set-up consultancy prowess goes on to provide ‘value for money’ service to its partners and clients who look forward setting up an offshore corporation in a short notice and this is possible through our excellent team of advisors, consultants, attorneys who commands years of industry and domain specific experience. Setting up a business venture in an overseas destination or for that matter in an ‘alien’ land requires a detailed feasibility study by analyzing the pros & cons, thereby going in for the actual groundwork which involves a complex set of processes. It is here when we step-in and offer our professional overseas company formation consultancy services to desirous entrepreneurs who want to make the whole process of offshore business set-up easy and simple.

Offshore Company Registration

Once the offshore company is about to take-off, the actual process of company registration needs to be looked after and we with our team of experienced attorneys, tax advisors, business set-up consultants help our clients move forward with the process of offshore company registration in the so called ‘low tax jurisdictions’ or ‘tax havens’ in a seamless manner. We even help our clients open up a bank account for managing their assets in a foreign land. The main intention of an entrepreneur / entity / company is to save on the taxes front and reduce their operating costs and it is destinations like Seychelles, Dubai, Hong Kong, Mauritius, Belize or Panama which are considered to be tax havens and therefore the most preferred ones too.

GWS works with some of the top-notch professionals who help set up and eventually register a company overseas through its experienced team of financial evaluators, tax experts, company formation experts and attorneys who are deft at tailoring the best offshore company formation solutions. If you are looking to protect your assets and maintain the highest level of privacy, it is we who can help you out manage your assets through intelligent investment in an overseas destination which is safe and considered to be a low tax jurisdiction. Being the premier offshore company house, we offer complete package solutions that is tailor made according to the requirement of our clients and one needs to understand the entire process of overseas company registration that has been made simpler, convenient and easier through us.