Did you know that within only a few months, it is possible to directly and legally acquire citizenship and a passport in a second country by making an investment in said country?

Acquiring a second citizenship and passport not only provides considerable travel freedom, but will also benefit your family members. Citizenship by Investment programs will offer high net worth individuals and successful business people the opportunity to legally acquire a new citizenship both quickly and simply, without causing any disruptions to the daily life and without requiring the usual lengthy process of application for citizenship.

Circumventing Restrictions

More and more countries impose severe restrictions on their citizens and subject them to increased monitoring, not only in their everyday activities, but also with regard to their financial resources and assets. We all know those few particular cases of nations that are so intensely disliked, that travelling the world with a passport from said country can subject travelers to unnecessary stringent verification, restrictions or even worse. Citizenship-by-Investment programs are particularly favorable for people born into these regrettable situations, as they can now obtain a second citizenship, which comes with all the benefits and rights of the new country.

While the reasons for obtaining a second citizenship are abundantly clear, like travel restrictions, increased monitoring and business constraints, Citizenship by Investment is also a trend that many investors use to successfully reach their goals: Investment security and peace of mind. This is the foundation for asset protection, now and for generations to come.

GWS assists its clients in reaching these goals, whether they are entrepreneurs or families with inherited wealth accumulated over generations.

It would be a pleasure for GWS to assist you with the Citizenship-by-Investment Program of the Commonwealth of Dominica.

We at GWS will consult with you on the options, provide all necessary forms and checklists of all the documents you may need during the application and assist you in filling out the applications and preparing all relevant documents.

Our premium service additionally includes:

  • Assistance with formulating letters and other documents as needed
  • Conducting a pre-application review of the completed application including all documents to ensure minimal delay in processing
  • Liaise between the government Citizenship by Investment Unit (CBIU) and the client advocating on the clients’ behalf when needed
  • Conducting weekly follow up with CBIU to ensure speedy processing
  • Pick up Naturalization Certificate and submit passport application
  • Pick up passport
  • Courier passport and Naturalization Certificate to client

We are also available to assist with passport renewals, obtaining government documents and to assist our clients with other on island services.