Protecting your privacy is our utmost concern!

The GWS Group therefore sets standards in the protection of your personal data and goes far beyond legal requirements. Enjoy your business success in a professional and confidential environment.

How GWS is protecting you:

  • GWS does not operate in high-tax countries
  • GWS offers encrypted e-mail communication
  • GWS provides a professional trustee service for your company
  • GWS does not send an e-commerce order which will be stored on the server
  • GWS will erase all personal data of our clients within 14 days after delivery of the documents
  • GWS does not store data, so that no conclusions can be drawn concerning individuals
  • GWS does not send invoices, so that no conclusions can be drawn concerning your offshore company
  • GWS preserves all documents, pursuant to statutory requirements, in a 24-hour guarded vault abroad, to which even GWS employees only have access with the consent of CEO
Your personal advisor would be pleased to further consult you on our privacy police.