The GWS Group fulfills the expectations and wishes of our high net worth clients by founding and managing incorporations in numerous exclusive onshore and offshore locations. Due to our experience over the years, our close co-operation with international leading business banks and asset management boutiques, as well as our collaboration with attorneys, trustees, notaries, tax advisors and consultants, we can offer our clients full legal security and discreet formation and administration of your offshore company.

The GWS Group understands the reasonable wish of every entrepreneur to discover and realize an optimal incorporation structure, in order to take advantage of the given economic and fiscal opportunities in a globalized world.

Comprehensive Offshore Company Formation Solutions

Overseas company formation has been made effective and easy with the GWS Group as we provide complete support in terms of technical consultation, legal consultation, tax advisory services that makes the whole process of offshore company formation seamless, without any hiccups or bottlenecks. Today, a number of offshore companies who are operating successfully globally have gone ahead and availed our services and have reaped rich benefits in the due course of time. We possess huge expertise in the exclusive arena of overseas business venture set-up and go on to render continuous technical support to our business partners and clients throughout the globe in a professional manner. We understand that setting up an offshore company is a long haul and complex process often involving a set of cumbersome activities that is time consuming and critical from a technical point of view but we have made the whole process convenient for you. GWS with its years of experience in providing professional consultancy services is the preferred name if you are thinking of setting up an offshore venture in a limited time.

An offshore company includes versatile advantages:

  • Tax optimization opportunities
  • Complete tax exemption or flat-rate taxation
  • Avoidance of piercing the corporate veil
  • Business re-start
  • Asset protection
  • Obtaining free, non-refundable, liquidity from the sale of shares
  • Anonymity
  • Free choice of company name
  • No certificates of professional competence required
  • Re-start after business prohibition
  • Development of a new credit-worthiness
  • Capitalization and stock market launch
  • Low current costs

Together with every new founded company or shelf company, you receive:

  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Memorandum of Association
  • Articles of Association
  • Share Certificate
  • First minutes of the Board
  • Registered Office
  • Corporate seal

The following additional, optional services are available:

  • Declaration of Trust
  • Power of Attorney
  • Notarizations
  • Apostille (international, state notarizations)
  • Bank and asset accounts
  • Certificate of good standing
  • Virtual Offices

The GWS Group has over the years worked in close association with its business partners helping them set up their offshore ventures in a record time and with considerable ease. Our collaboration with the top tax advisors, legal consultants, banks and corporate attorneys have helped our esteemed clients dream about and think of setting up an off shore company with ease and with a limited budget. Setting up off shore companies has always a been a dream for go-getters and achievers who are always on the lookout for a robust business start-up model in an overseas land and it is for them we have come as a true messiah.