This services is not available for companies which are not formed by the GWS Group.

Our wealthy clients are united by the common wish to find an experienced partner, in order to develop a long-term financial strategy based on the global changes, to protect their wealth and increase it sustainably, as well to find an international first class advisor.

The GWS Group is a first class advisor, with a pool of competencies, due to its international knowledge and extensive network of experts. We act as strategic advisor in terms of the recommendation of a competent, international asset management agency or bank.

We offer our clients asset management in the following jurisdictions:

  • Private Banking Liechtenstein
  • Private Banking Switzerland
  • Private Banking Monaco
  • Private Banking London
  • Private Banking Singapore
  • Private Banking Andorra
  • Private Banking Cayman Islands
  • Private Banking Dubai
Please consider that banks in certain jurisdictions request a minimum deposit of 250,000 Euro