Company owners and founders of offshore companies may have multiple reasons why they prefer anonymity and why they choose fiduciary services in terms of the foundation and administration of an offshore company. Although the company register is not accessible and not open to the public for scrutiny in most offshore jurisdictions, GWS highly recommends nominees to all clients who set great importance on full anonymity and the highest standards of privacy. An escrow agreement is a legally binding and protected mandate which offers the true owner (beneficial owner) full authority over his corporation, without being connected to it formally.

The GWS Group offers a broad and long-term trusteeship for the following associates:

  • Director
  • Shareholders
  • Company secretary
  • Board of directors

The beneficial owner still has the power to manage the company as well as the power of disposal, whereas the owner can optionally give instruction to the trustee or act, through a general power of attorney.

In order to ensure our clients the highest privacy standards and legal security, our trust officers and trust corporation are always based and located in a third country. An offshore company in Panama is, for example, held by a nominee in the Seychelles. To identify the real beneficial owner, a court decision for both jurisdictions would be necessary, which would force the nominee to disclose confidential information.

Your personal advisor would be pleased to further consult you on our nominee services.