Best Offshore Company Jurisdiction

Worldwide, numerous countries and jurisdictions offer tax advantages and the possibility of incorporating and operating an offshore company under very attractive conditions. Although most jurisdictions ensure tax exemption and discretion, the question is which country is most attractive to international investors.

The trend of recent years clearly shows that investors, business partners and banks pay attention to legal security and the reputation of the jurisdiction. Banks keep their own lists with companies that can benefit from an account opening at their respective bank, and which countries generally have no chance of onboarding.

When looking for the best offshore company jurisdiction, the motivation of the entrepreneur is paramount. Will the company only be used within their own company network or will outside customers be served via the offshore company? Offshore companies are often only used for passive purposes, such as holding and managing one’s own assets, patents and rights. The best jurisdiction for an offshore company thus depends on individual interests.

Thanks to our many years of experience in more than 20 offshore jurisdictions, we can generally recommend the United Arab Emirates and see the greatest interest from our customers here, too. Dubai and the United Arab Emirates are not a classic offshore location, as the country generally knows no taxation of natural and legal persons. So international investors are not favored over local entrepreneurs.

In addition to tax exemption, the United Arab Emirates also have economic substance:

  • They are a well-known and relatively large country;
  • They have a vibrant and internationally connected economy;
  • They are one of the largest oil producers in the world;
  • They generally enjoy the highest reputation worldwide.

Due to the enormous state wealth, the Emirates have invested internationally over the past decades and diversified their assets. Sovereign wealth funds from the Gulf region are involved in the best-known, exchange-traded companies – worldwide. The reputation of the location, the global influence and the economic power is thus much greater than that of a small island state.

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