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GWS understands the reasonable wish of every entrepreneur to discover and realize an optimal and cost-effective corporate structure, in
order to take advantage of the given international economic, legal and fiscal opportunities in a globalized world.

Considering the latest international developments, we recommend the UAE. This confidential jurisdiction combines several advantages, making the United Arab Emirates an ideal basis and perfect environment for your successful offshore business:

  • It is a completely tax free environment
  • There is no requirement to file accounts or have audits conducted
  • High reputation of an international ivestor’s hub
  • Facilitates access to a business account with international, well-capitalized and solid banks

Why a UAE offshore company?

Unlike some other tax havens, offshore companies in the UAE enjoy an excellent reputation internationally, and are valued business partners in international business, as well as for banks and financial service providers worldwide. The crucial advantage is that a RAK offshore company in the United Arab Emirates facilitates access to a business account with international, well-capitalized and solid banks, operating in a stable economic environment. A major benefit of RAK: Dubai requires a minimum of two shareholders, RAK only one. Plus, the shareholder’s physical presence is required in Dubai for the formation; this is not required in RAK.

The confidentiality of RAK, which allows the company formation without knowing the beneficial owner, attracts entrepreneurs and investors around the world – also taking into account the fact that all of Britain’s overseas territories have recently agreed to new rules to automatically share information on individuals holding bank accounts in their country, with the UK as well as France, Germany, Italy and Spain. While British overseas territories agreed to share information on bank accounts and offshore company owners, the UAE does not plan to participate in any exchange or the automatic exchange of information under OECD plans.

UAE offshore – Strong banking system

The UAE generally has one of the most liberal trade regimes in the Gulf region, a well-established infrastructure and a strong banking system, as well as a stable political system. The economic diversification in trade, logistics, banking, tourism, real estate and manufacturing additionally builds the basis for a high-potential business environment.

The UAE has an open economy, with a high per capita income (PPP) of almost 47,500 US-Dollars and a considerable annual trade surplus. The country has successfully diversified the economy and has reduced the portion of GDP based on oil and gas output to 25 precent. Please find further information about UAE offshore at: http://www.dubai-offshore.com/

We offer you a simple and quick UAE offshore company formation; we will register your company within 2-4 working days in Ras Al Khaimah (RAK).