International Tax Optimization

Establishing and maintaining an efficient and favorable international tax structure is an ongoing project. It requires the foresight to adapt tax strategies that fit the ever-changing international financial landscape and your future plans, not just your current realities.

Optimizing your tax structure is often the first step for both private persons and companies when choosing the path to financial freedom. International tax optimization can result in having a surplus of cash that would otherwise have been paid to the government, without any benefit to the company. The lower a company’s tax rate, the more cash is left at the end of each year for the owner to reinvest in the company, or to consider as profit.

An effective international tax optimization plan can include establishing an offshore company in a tax-free or low-tax jurisdiction, re-domiciliation to a different country, diversifying your investment portfolio or a combination of tax-optimizing techniques, in order to both lower or even eliminate the corporate or personal taxation. Our experienced team can assist you in finding the most efficient tax plan for your current situation or business endeavors.