Our service:

  • Your company in Guatemala within 4 weeks
  • Highest possible confidentiality
  • A dedicated client relationship manager
  • Guaranteed bank account, including e-Banking and credit card
  • Share capital does not need to be paid up
  • Anonymous company formation with nominee director and shareholder (optional)
  • Basic establishment fee: 9,990 USD


Company information:

Guatemala is the largest nation in Central America, with a population of around 14 million people. It has the largest economy in Central America, grossing at 33 billion dollars.

Guatemala offers exactly the confidentiality and safety you are expecting: the Central American country has not signed any TIEA or Double Taxation Agreement, there is no information exchange at all. By setting up a company and opening a corporate bank account with an international bank in Guatemala, you can benefit from the highest possible confidentiality. Hence, you hold your assets anonymous and safe.

No EU withholding tax, no double taxation treaties, no tax information sharing agreements; the country has no provision for the exchange of information and is not a signatory to the common reporting standard of OECD (Automatic Exchange of information). Guatemala has excellent anonymous corporations, which serve as an excellent anonymous offshore IBC. These corporations are referred to as S.A. or Sociedad Anonima.

The names of the owners of the Guatemala S.A. Corporation do not appear in any public registry. International company profits and dividends are not subject to any taxation (0% taxes) due to the territorial tax system.

The Guatemala Offshore Company is ideal for:

  • Asset protection
  • Holding structures
  • The custody of movable and immovable property
  • Inheritance provisions
  • International business

Costs of a Guatemala Offshore Company:

Basic establishment fee: 9,990 USD

Considering the legal and fiscal structural options as well as the high reputation, we recommend the offshore company formation in the United Arab Emirates.